You are about to sell your home. You have created spaces that feel cozy and comfy and warm and inviting. YET why are these photos NOT going to help you sell your home?

Let’s start with the photo on the left. As stylish and modern as it may appear, the problem is that you simply don’t see the room. You see everything IN the room but NOT the room itself. Though the wall images are nice pieces of art, the way they square in the room gives the impression that the room is a lot smaller than it possibly is in reality. The bed styling looks like a magazine photo BUT it creates a messiness that extends beyond the bed and again impedes the space itself. Add the plants and the rug and this room appears to be about 8 x 8 at the most…not very desirable. Removing the prints from the side walls, making the bed in a tighter finish (pillows are fine) and getting rid of the planters would expand the eye’s vision of this room to it being stylish and spacious.

Now, the photo on the right. Green plants add life to a room but the way they are spread all around in spikey manners again overloads the space with eye distractions. Add to that all the “stuff” on the refrigerator, towels on the stove handle, pans, dishes and again “stuff” on the counters and stove and this room appears to have no counter or cabinet space.  The biggest problem though, is the appearance of the pets. Even if your home has no odor whatsoever from your pets, if someone has been looking at homes and been in a few that do smell like animals, they most likely will just skip looking at this home altogether. When photographing your home, remember kitchens are all about counters and cabinet space. By removing all the eye distractions, this room, with its abundant natural light, would be a draw instead of a detriment. Even if you have pets, remove anything that gives the appearance that an animal has lived in your home when taking your pictures. If they see them when they walk through, it won’t be an issue because there will be no odor. BUT have someone you trust to be honest with you walk through your home and tell you where they might smell your pets and then focus on cleaning and deodorizing that area before prospective buyers come through.

You may think none of this matters. But simple little issues as we see in these photos can cause your home to be the one that just sits and sits while others around you are selling like crazy. Don’t personalize constructive criticism when it comes to preparing your home for photos and in person viewings. Be smart and savvy… honest with yourself or listen to that friend and get your home SOLD!

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