Sometimes fear can be so overwhelming that it interferes with us being able to move forward into the next part of our life journey.

  • If you’re thinking of buying a home but you spend most of your time writing down why you shouldn’t do so instead of why you should, you may be succumbing to fear.
  •  If you think of a negative every time someone gives you a positive reason to proceed, you may be succumbing to fear.
  •  If you constantly cancel appointments to see homes you feel may be perfect for you, you may be succumbing to fear.
  •  If you convince yourself you can’t afford a home even though your accountant and mortgage broker have given you avenues you can easily take advantage of to do so, you may be succumbing to fear.
  •  If you sabotage your own credit by running up some bills so as not to qualify, you may be succumbing to fear (and need a little therapy).

I can go on and on with circumstances you can manipulate to convince yourself why you shouldn’t proceed, but only you can determine if they are legitimate ‘reasons’ or fearful ‘excuses’.  The key to any decision making process, including buying a home, is right from the start, you much give yourself the authority to move forward. Once you do, you’ll find you make better decisions and enjoy new adventures that you might have missed experiencing.